Visiting Villas on Lake Como

Have you ever been to a place that was so gorgeous that it was hard to put your camera down? Lake Como is one of those places. It is hard to believe that the beauty around you is real.


My Mom and I loving Lake Como

Lake Como is surrounded by quaint villages. Transportation to each village is via ferry. You could spend each day taking the ferry to different cities and exploring their charm and beauty. I stayed in a city called Bellagio. Tiny cafes and stores surround the dock which make it easy to find a spot to get a glass of wine and enjoy the view. Bellagio is on the tip of a bend in the lake, which makes the views even more stunning.

This was the view of Bellagio from my hotel balcony. Talk about a view!

Como is a place you visit to relax. I went with my mom to Como since it was on her bucket list for quite a while. My family has two paintings in our home of Lake Como so we were on a quest to find these locations. I thought this wouldn’t be difficult, but I was proven wrong! We found both locations in a short amount of time.

Villa del balbianello


Our first location was Villa del Balbianello. If you go to Lake Como, THIS IS A MUST SEE. If it looks familiar, that’s because it was in both Star Wars and James Bond films. Visiting Villa del Balbianello was definitely my favorite part of my trip. (8 euro for entry, 15 euro with tour, closed on Mondays and Wednesdays) The views and architecture are absolutely stunning. And the view of the lake is something you could sit and stare at all day.








I arrived on a boat which I loved because you get to enter the villa through the ornately decorated entrance. You can also walk, which I have heard is gorgeous as well. Once you arrive, get ready to take tons of photos. This place is even more beautiful than you would expect.


Villa monastero

The second villa we visited was Villa Monastero in Varenna (5 euro for entry to the gardens, 8 euro for the gardens and house museum). This villa was a monastery until the 1500’s (hence the name Monastero). I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful monastery! Part of the charm of Villa Monastero was the walk down to the villa. Check out the view from the path: Verenna

Villa Monastero has a lovely garden out front. This was my favorite part of the villa. You also get to tour inside the villa and see all the ornately decorated rooms. The village of Varenna is also a wonderfully charming city. I wish I could have stayed longer and enjoyed Varenna.


For detailed information on transportation, hours and more check out my post on all the planning details for lake como

Villa del Balbianello is in the city of Lenno. For more information on the villa, check out their website.

Villa Monastero is in Varenna. For more information on the villa, check out their website.

Getting to Lake Como takes a bit of time, but it is definitely worth it! You take a train from Milan to Lake Como and either a ferry or bus to your particular city. I go more into detail on transportation on my planning details page.


Cheers to a lovely stay in Italy


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