48 Hours in Interlaken, Switzerland Part 2

This is part 2 of a two part blog post. For part one, click here.

Day 2: Lake Day – Lake Brienz, Giessbach Falls, Lake Thun and St. Beatus-Hohlen

If you stay in Interlaken make sure you take a cruise on the lakes! Cruising along the water is so peaceful and of course the views are spectacular. If you have a Swiss Pass then the cruise is free. There are so many amazing stops along the way, so it’s hard to choose where you want to disembark the boat. You could also just stay on the boat for a full tour of the lake.

The views from the lake cruises are never ending!

Lake Brienz and Giessbach Falls

I chose to cruise on Lake Brienz and left the boat at the Giessbach stop to see the Giessbach Falls. I was so glad that I did! The Giessbach Waterfall is one of the most amazing things I have seen. It really is as amazing as the pictures make it seem.

The boat drops you off at the bottom of a steep hill. You can either hike to the top (about 20 minute hike) or take a funicular (5 CHF one way). The hike is beautiful so I suggest you hike either round trip or at least on the way back down.

Once you get to the top, you immediately see a hotel that looks like a castle. It’s the perfect setting beside the waterfall. They have a restaurant with stunning views, so if you can eat lunch here, this would be a good spot. From the hotel it is easy to walk to the waterfall. You get to even stand behind the falls!


**The ferry is infrequent, so make sure to keep the schedule with you when you leave the boat.**

Lake Thun and St. Beatus Caves

Another great option is to cruise on Lake Thun and see the St. Beatus Caves. Legend has it that St. Beatus defeated a dragon that lived in these caves. This place definitely looks like the place of legends, in fact it looks like you stepped into a fairytale. Waterfalls cascade down over wooden bridges and pathways. The view from the top is (in my opinion) the best place to look out at the lake. I couldn’t stop taking pictures here because things seemed to get even more beautiful at each turn.


At the top there is a restaurant and a snack bar with terrace seating. The caves themselves start here. They have tours every 45 minutes (cost: 18 CHF) I did not have time for the tour, but it does look quite amazing in the pictures. Maybe someday I will get the chance to return!

I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the views of Lake Thun were!

If you choose the lake route, the hike up from the dock to the caves is steep. So be prepared for a bit of a hike. I took a bus to the base of the caves because I was short on time.

For more information about transportation within Interlaken and the lakes, see my post on All the Planning Details for Interlaken.


5 thoughts on “48 Hours in Interlaken, Switzerland Part 2

  1. Dr. Swapna Mali says:

    Amazing write up, I just back from swiss trip and was penning down my experience. I forgot the name of that castle resembling hotel in Giessbach falls. Though I couldnt get the name, got very good info from your write up. Thank you. keep traveling. keep writing. Regards Swapna


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