10 Essential Things to Pack in Your Carry-on

1.) Airborne, Echinacea or Emergen C

Chances are that your immune system is going to be compromised while traveling. Don’t get sick and ruin your trip! I always take airborne with me on the plane to get a head start on beating any possible colds.

2.) Journal

I keep a small journal with me on my travels. I love writing down all my experiences and looking back on them later. I realize that there are so many memories that I have forgotten until I read my journal! It’s easy to keep my journal updated when I use my plane time to write.

3.) Hand Sanitizer and/or Wet Wipes

IMG_0534I use hand sanitizer often when I’m traveling. It’s nice to have with you on the plane, but it’s extremely helpful during your trip. I also like using wet wipes to sanitize the airplane tray table and hand rests.



4.) Pain Killers

I always seem to need medicine whenever I don’t have it on hand. Pack a small case with the basic medicines so you don’t get caught with a terrible headache on your trip. (Random note: From what I have found nyquil, benadryl, and other nighttime congestion products are not available in Europe so you might want to bring some if that’s your cold medicine of choice.)

5.) Scarf

IMG_4587Scarves are very versatile! I will use my scarf as a blanket or I use it to cover the airplane pillow. (It makes it more sanitary and comfortable!) Plus it helps hide your wrinkly shirt when you land.

6.) Red eye plane pack 

IMG_0542When flying on overnight flights, I find it helpful to still do my nighttime routine on the plane. I brush my teeth and wipe off my makeup before I sleep. When I land, I touch up my makeup in the airport bathroom. It’s amazing how much better you feel with a clean face and teeth. For red eye flights I pack fuzzy socks, an eye mask, face wash or wipes, ear plugs, and inflatable pillow, and my toothbrush. I usually can’t sleep on flights but the feeling that I rested comfortably helps immensely.

7.) Important Info for customs

For many countries, you are required to fill out landing cards with information of where you are staying. Write down the address of your hotel so you have it ready. Some customs will also ask for a print out of your return flight so they know when you are returning home. (I had a customs agent get upset with me one time for not having it printed and I had to incur international phone charges so I could pull it up on my email.)

8.) Warm Socks or Slippers IMG_0562

Some flights I’ve been on have extremely cold floors. Wearing flip flops or flats makes it miserable. I bring my warmest pair of socks (or slippers if I have room in my bag) to avoid freezing. Plus it’s so comfy!

9.) Snacks

Airplane food is generally not very tasty. A flight is much more comfortable with some of your own snacks. Bring fruit or a premade salad or wrap from home to save $$$ at the airport. I also love stopping by my favorite takeout place (Chipotle burritos!) and bringing that with me to the airport.

10.) Earplugs

Planes are noisy. Trying to sleep on a red eye is difficult with that constant hum of the plane. But even worse than the plane noises are noisy people around you. I sat alone on a 12 hour flight next to a man that snored the whole way. (I’m not kidding, it was the worst!) Now I never fly without earplugs.


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