5 Things You Must Do in Santorini

Santorini is exactly what you would picture a Greek island to look like. Those famous pictures of white buildings with blue roofs over the blue sea are pictures of Santorini. Its beauty makes it quite obvious why this is the most well known of the Greek islands.

Here are the top five things you have to do on your trip to Santorini:

1.) Watch the sunset in Oia

This is hands down the most popular thing to do on the island. Oia is a city on the very edge of the island with a direct view of the sunset. There are few places in the world with better sunset views. Crowds flock to the edge and sit along the walls to watch the nightly show. Even the town of Oia is picturesque. It could very well be the most photographed town in Greece. Little shops and restaurants line the alleyways.

Since Oia is so popular, it is very important to come early and grab your spot or get a table at a restaurant. It can get extremely crazy with tourists pushing to get the best views. It’s best to be mentally prepared for the crowds because honestly it was a little overwhelming for me. One of the keys to enjoying Europe is knowing that there will be crowds, but not letting that ruin your experience. Because how often do you get to see views like this?


2.) Spend the day lounging on a black or red sand beach

There are so many different colors of sand in Santorini. Spend your day on the black sand beaches of Kamari or Perivolos or the red sand on Red Beach. There are so many beautiful spots to visit that it can be hard to choose!  Just remember to bring a towel or rent a chair. Also wear shoes on the sand because the black sand can get very hot and is rocky.


3.) Eat the amazing food

Greek food is one of my favorites. I was blown away by how good the food was here. Feta cheese doesn’t taste the same anywhere else. Make sure you have at least one long meal in an authentic Greek restaurant. I am drooling just thinking about how amazing this salad was.


4.) See the cliff side town of Fira

Fira is the capital of Santorini and the biggest city. The white buildings crammed together on the side of the volcanic rock is picturesque. The sunset here is also insanely stunning. Enjoy a drink on one of the many balconies looking over the water. Note: Fira is also a very crowded city. Make sure to make a reservation at a restaurant and be mentally prepared for the crowds.


Fira has amazing sunsets

Fira has amazing sunsets

5.) Do something in the water!

There are so many amazing activities to do on the Mediterranean! Coming from California, I am accustomed to the cold Pacific Ocean. I was surprised to find that the Mediterranean Sea is much warmer. (And saltier so you float easier!) There are so many things to do in the water: sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, canoeing, cliff jumping, and of course swimming.


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This may be one of my favorite picture locations on earth